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The philosophy of Bayside Recovery is that opioid addiction is a chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal disease that may require a long-term period of medication-assisted treatment.


Bayside Recovery provides comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment services through medication, individualized treatment planning, health and addiction education classes, and individual and group counseling.


We strive to address each client’s medical, psychiatric, vocational, and educational needs. Referrals to self-help groups and other community resources are valuable tools that we employ in the therapeutic process.​

Our Services

Nurse Talking to Patient

 Medication-Assisted Opioid Treatment

Methadone and Buprenorphine Maintenance

As a pillar of the medical options we offer, this service alleviates the painful withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid abuse.  It is safe, fully personalized and administered by our team members who specialize in this type of care.


Individual and Group Counseling

Putting Patients First

Our counseling staff are committed to providing individualized, caring and confidential services to guide patients to lead a healthier lifestyle, free from substance abuse.  All of our counseling staff are licensed in the state of MD in the field of addiction.

Drug Testing

Lab Testing

Drug, Alcohol and Health Screens

Patients are routinely tested for Drugs and Alcohol as well as communicable diseases.


Guest Dosing Services

Coming to Calvert County or The Southern MD area?

Bayside Recovery welcomes visiting or transitioning clients into the area to ensure that you stay on your path to recovery.

Dispensing Hours

Mon - Fri: 6am-10:30am
Sat: 7am-9am
Sun: Closed


Contact Us

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